From inn to Hotel

More than 180 years have passed since the Posada Pelairea began its activity in the building that houses the current Remigio.

Our history

Like it or not, the mission of time is to inexorably leave behind memories and scraps of history. Also corners that in one way or another become part of our lives and, of course, of the lives that time put in that same place before us. Places that become unique thanks to the tireless passage of time leaving its mark on memories, history and life.

And that the walls, the tables and the kitchen of the Remigio. Although, as happens when time plays its cards, this emblematic corner of Tudela changed its name and owners. But what he has never abandoned, no matter how much time insists, has been his essence. An atmosphere that only the years can leave a mark on and that still floats and can be breathed in our days. That is the magic. That is the mystery.


And since everything has a beginning, the history of the Hotel Restaurant Remigio began in the 19th century. The year, 1839. Don Julián Pelairea and his wife Doña Martina Zunzarren bought this house in Tudela that would become the Posada Pelairea. Family inn that passed from father to son. Like time, people also travel, and in 1864 the great romantic poet Gustavo Adolfo Becquer visited the inn on his way to Veruela. To this day, a halo of that late romanticism still flies in the halls of this former inn-restaurant. And also Fonda, as it was known for a time as Fonda Europa.


In 1905 Don Remigio González began to run the establishment, changing its name to Fonda Remigio. At the beginning of the 20th century, already as a hotel, it began to carry out the activity of distribution and export of vegetables, a sign of gastronomic identity of Tudela and the Ribera de Navarra of which the Remigio is a proud ambassador. To this day you can still enjoy in its main room the handcrafted woods that were brought to a restaurant in San Sebastián in 1936.


It would not be until 1963 when the Salcedo-Zabalza family took over the Hostal Restaurante, already known as Remigio. Family of hotel tradition, they owned the well-known Choko Restaurant. And since those early sixties there have been three generations, now Salcedo-Irala. Respecting an ideal. Opening its doors so that everyone can enjoy the gastronomy of a land and stay in the Tudela room.


In 2021, after a year and a half of works and with a global pandemic in between, the Remigio marks a new milestone in its history. Under the baton of the brothers Luis and Juan, the latest generation of the Salcedo-Irala family, an ambitious renovation and expansion of its facilities is carried out that turn the hostel into a hotel, and which incorporates a new restaurant space that receives the name of Remigio Choko, as Tribute to the origin, the first restaurant that their parents and grandparents ran, just 50 meters from the new premises. Looking to the future, but proud of their past.

Welcome to the new Remigio. Come in and enjoy the time.


Becquer, our most illustrious visitor

What the legend tells is true … The poet and narrator of Romanticism Gustavo Adolfo Becquer tells in the first of his ‘Letters from my cell ‘, dated in the Monastery of Veruela in 1864, his arrival by train to Tudela and his brief stay in this city -in the Posada de la Pelairea, later Hotel Remigio- before taking the diligence that would take you to Tarazona.

“Tudela is a large town, with the airs of a city and the inn where my guide took me, an inn with inn trim. I sat down and had lunch; fortunately, if lunch was not a big thing, the table and the service were clean. Let’s do justice to the Navarrese who is in front of the establishment “.

Luis Salcedo

Raised in the kitchen, Luis Salcedo was trained as is usually done in family businesses: working from a young age. A training that he completed with two master’s degrees at the Basque Culinary Center and an internship at Les Cols Restaurant (Olot-Girona) that gave him that point of freshness and innovation.

Active members of the Zaldicook and Saborea Tudela movements, Luis received in 2018 the Annual Prize of the Navarra Academy of Gastronomy for his work in the culinary treatment of vegetables.

Remigio’s cuisine, recognized since 2019 with a SOL Repsol, is an evolution of tradition: traditional dishes with a unique and contemporary touch, and always based on local and seasonal produce.

Si tienes alguna duda o consulta, contacta por teléfono: 948 820 850 

Si tienes alguna duda o consulta, contacta por teléfono: 948 820 850